Superfighters 5

    I’m sure that you have played the game series named Superfighters, because it is very famous. If you have played Superfighters, are you satisfied with the game? Do you think that it is so addicting? Do you think it is too short? If you say yes, Superfighters 5 is right here with extended features. It is ready to blow you away.

    The series Superfighters is a series of action games which is very famous and it has attracts millions players. It has many impressive features.

    First, the design is very simple. Don’t think that the simple design is boring, because it was simply designed so that it will take your distraction while you are playing. The color of the screen is not garish. If it is too garish, you may have an eyestrain while playing the game. This is the reason why this game is so popular like that.

    The battles in the game are so exciting. In the game, the enemies approach together or continuously, so you usually have to fight with some of the enemies at a time. There are some weapons that you can use to fight. There are many kinds of modern weapons which you have in the game. For example, you have short guns, rifles, small rocket launchers and so on. However, the kinds of weapons differ depending on the stage where you are at. You can’t use all the weapons you have at a time. Furthermore, the games provides you weapons but the number of bullets is limited, so you have to use the weapons wisely or else you will run out of bullets before you manage to defeat all your enemies. If you run out of bullets, you still have to continue the game and have to fight yourself without any help.

    The background music is one of the remarkable features of the game too. In a fighting game, that you have to join in battles is a natural thing. While you are fighting, the game plays pieces of music which are suitable for your situations in the game at that time. In all the battles, you feel so nervous, right? Therefore, the game plays pieces of music that are so blizzard. The music makes you feel like a spy and you are completing an impossible mission.

    How do you feel? You feel like you can’t help being so curious, right? Why don’t you try Superfighters 5 now?

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