Spaceship Battle

Spaceship Battle

Spaceship Battle is a space exploration game, allowing you to cross an endless universe with countless planets to conquer.
You will be faced with 30 other commanders from around the world, with over 100 stages to explore.
Each stage has resources to collect and create very diverse spacecraft, different rewards. Upgrades skills to increase your fleet’s attack, defense, evasion and basic skills.
Grow your spaceship to be the most powerful, from rocket fighters to ion laser battleships, create and choose from 43 different spaceships; Make an offensive or defensive spaceship based on your strategy; Put the right pilot in your star ship to improve its performance.
Team up different warships to maximize efficiency and test your limits as Commander. Receiving Star items in battle will increase your attack power, Evasion, Recovery and more and help you win. Defeat the boss at the end of the stage to receive unique rewards such as Gemstones, Crew and Blueprint.
You can conquer other planets or join PVP battles to get mineral and gas resources. Build a refinery and expand fields to collect resources 24/7. The latter is to gather resources more efficiently by employing highly skilled workers.
Develop 80 types of spare parts and install them on your star ship to upgrade it. Parts can provide bonuses for attack, defense and evasion based on its type.
This game will help you kill time very well, moreover there are beautiful images, vivid sound, simple gameplay and not too high to play, so it is suitable for all audiences.
The game is completely free to play, you can download or play online, just need a mobile device

How to play Spaceship Battle

Spaceship battle is controlled by mouse and arrow keys. The arrow keys help adjust the direction and move, left click to fire bullets.

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3.55/ 5    11 ratings

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