Sift Heads Reborn

Sift Heads Reborn

Sift Heads Reborn is a shooting game with many fascinating challenges.
You can choose 1 of 3 characters, join the battle, and then choose the weapon to take with you. You have to deal with a lot of enemies alone, each with a weapon that can take your life.
Your enemies are in many places, guarding different rooms, they have to move very quickly, even in the dark.
You play the hero, you will explore the room, destroy each enemy in it, search for things that are useful to you. It is very dark, and you do not know where the enemies are, you need to use the arrow to find and destroy them.
When you find the target, aim for the right target and shoot them, the first time you miss, continue the next time until the enemy dies.
Unlock each room one by one to discover all that happens in it and gather the necessary things as required. Each of your tasks has instructions to help you get better done.
When you are in danger, for example, you are surrounded from behind by a group of people, then you will get help from your friend.
Then you continue the journey alone. Finding clues with weapons and killing enemies while you are on duty will be very interesting.
When you confront an neenus enemy you cannot kill them, they will attack, causing you to lose blood and death.
The game is completely free, but it has many scary images of violence, so children should not play this game.

How to play Sift Heads Reborn

Sift Heads Reborn is an extremely fun game, with extremely easy to play. You just need to use left mouse button to shoot and interact. In addition to this game, our website also has many other interesting games, you can join us.

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