Pendulum is a large space survival game with many traps. Your goal in this game is to control your character through the traps and reach the finish line safely.
Your character can move, jump to avoid pitfalls like spikes, holes … and it can also use your version to check what’s ahead, this will allow you to see to what he couldn’t see right before his eyes, along with helping him solve some riddles. This is a very special point in the game, and it also brings a lot of interesting for players. But this preview version only has a certain amount of time for it to exist, when it ends it will disappear.
The first trap you encounter will have instructions for you to overcome them and the number of traps will be less to allow you to adapt to the play. Then further and further you will encounter more dangerous traps, at this point you will use what you have learned to fight them.
Your character will be informed of the current state of health by a blood column, if it depletes you will lose your life and play again from the beginning.
This game is completely free to play, along with simple actions that will suit every object played. You can play online or download to play when there is no internet connection.

How to play Pendulum

Pendulum is one of the very attractive games on our website, including the following controls:
Use left and right arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump.
Shift to create a version of yourself to perform before the dangerous actions.
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