Fortz is an extremely fun game featuring two players. You will control small robots fighting against the base of enemy robots with your various weapons and skills. To defeat an opponent, you need to destroy his base.
You can build blocks to create a strong wall to protect you, build paths up to your enemy, knock your opponent to the ground and destroy his base.
The number of friends you have is very limited so you have to collect some bullets, this number of bullets corresponds to the number of blocks to build yourself a strong fortress with countless cannons.
There are several cannons on your fortress, you need to stand next to them to activate the cannons. When you fire the cannon, the bomb will fly up and fall down so be careful because most likely you will kill yourself.
Your enemies can drop dangerous weapons containers like fierce dogs, robot turrets and bombers, you need to be careful when touching them, it is best not to touch them.
There are many levels in this game, you can choose each level to play. Each level will have different layout and turret.
Destroy enemies to protect your fortress and become the winner, conquer all levels in this game, topping the leaderboard of achievements.

How to play Fortz  game

Fortz is controlled via the following keys:
– For player 1:
A, D to left and right
W to jump
S to place blocks
When standing near the cannon, control the gun as follows: W, S to move the gun barrel
D to shoot
– For player 2:
Arrow left / right to move left / right
Up arrow to jump
Down arrow to place the block
When standing near the cannon, control the gun as follows: Up and down arrows to control the cannon
Arrows left to shoot
The game is very interesting with a little complicated control, but just play time you will master it.

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3/ 5    16 ratings

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