AZ is a fighting game or the battle of 3 tanks. The tanks are equipped exactly the same, have equal fighting ability and can collect the same weapons. To play this game you need to have 1 or 2 friends to play with. Before starting the battle, you will choose 2-player or 3-player mode, then appear the controls for each tank, press the individual keys to activate the tanks and enter the battle.
Each tank will appear at different angles along with different vehicle colors. Control your tank to get close to your opponent’s tank, when approaching you just shoot bullets to destroy it. But your opponent will do the same so you will be very difficult to kill the opponent. There are plenty of weapons along the way for you to collect, weapons that can be the same, have weapons to upgrade your gun barrel, have weapons to project your beams farther.
Get the weapon and quickly before the opponent can get the weapon, this is very beneficial for you to destroy the opponent.
The bullets that your tank shoots only explode when touching any tank (this means it both just destroyed the opponent and also destroyed you) or when the bullet can not move further more. Until the bullet explodes, you can shoot the next bullet, which will be a disadvantage as well as a challenge for each player.

How to play AZ

AZ has the following controls for each player:
– Player 1 (green)
M to shoot
Left / right arrow to rotate the barrel of the gun to the left / right
Up / down arrow to move forward / backward
– Player 2 (red):
Q to shoot
S / F to rotate gun barrel to left / right
E / d to forward / backward tanks
– Player 3 (blue)
Move the mouse to control the moving tank
Left click to fire.

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