Calabash Brothers Forest

Calabash Brothers Forest

Calabash Brothers Forest is an adventure game and the destination is to return to their home to live. You will control your character to move through the stairs, jump up or move to the sides, go get the fruits and go home. Especially in this game you can move to 4 sides of the screen, ie when you go to the bottom of the screen on the left, you will appear on the right screen and vice versa, when going to the bottom of the screen below then you will fly down from above.
The first level, you will collect 2 apples and move in the direction indicated. Then on the second level you will jump into the hole to fly down from the top of the screen, adjust the reasonable movement to collect the apples above and move to your house.
The following levels will appear more interesting things, be it a pedal, or a passage back and forth, which you need to jump on it to get to the house.
This game is one of the types of games that will help you kill time very well and does not require too high to play so it is suitable for all subjects.
This game has beautiful pictures, lively sounds and simple gameplay that is suitable for children, they can play this game to stimulate their minds’ development.
The game is completely free to play, you can download it to play when there is no internet connection or play online.

How to play Calabash Brothers Forest

Calabash Brothers Forest is simple to play. You only need to use the left and right arrow keys to move to the sides, up or down arrows to move up and down. In addition to this interesting game you can also join other games at our website.

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3.71/ 5    7 ratings

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