Blocked Out

Blocked Out

Blocked Out is a game of 2 people competing against each other. The two move together to complete the mission and move on to the next level, whoever fails to get to the last door before it closes will be smashed to pieces.

This game will help you and your friends relax, compete to win. When one of you moves, activating the trap to close the door, you can block the other person. The person who moves faster is more beneficial. The passer and the person who is blocked will pass the points. The more you pass, the more points you get.
The road is undulating, uneven, with high places and low places for you to jump up and down. Sometimes it will be like a maze, so you don’t know which way to go, then you just go and learn gradually and you’ll see the direction to go. There are trigger traps set right in front of the door, maybe the door is closed, maybe the door is open. The trap is activated because if you are busy touching it will close and you will start again.
There are many levels for you to play, the one who gets more points will win. Each level is different terrain, the traps will be denser and more difficult.
This free game will help you have the most comfortable relaxing moments, help you relieve stress and fatigue after a long work.
This game will help them train their sensitivity and thinking skills to solve problems quickly.

How to play Blocked Out game

Blocked Out has a very simple gameplay, just use the arrow keys or keyboard characters to move.
The red one uses the arrow keys: left and right to left or right, up to jump.
Blue ones: A and D to move left right and right, W to jump.

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