Pirates of Islets

Pirates of Islets

Pirates of Islets is an adventure full of captains in the air. Your goal is to help the captain jump from the islands and collect as many objects as possible. Items that the captain will collect during the move can be coins, chests filled with treasure, possibly strength.
You are limited to a certain amount of time, you need to collect lots of objects and jump over the islands to reach the goal of the game before time runs out.
Jump over islands with a very simple operation, taking advantage of movement characteristics to move accurately. These islands are constantly spinning, which means that you are constantly spinning along the island, when you estimate the highest probability of moving to another island, jump.
The more you jump far the game will be more difficult and increase the attractiveness of the game. The money you collect can be used to buy upgrades, and unlock new characters with more abilities. These upgrades will help you cross the islands more easily.
The game with a beautiful interface combined with vibrant sounds will bring players extremely interesting feelings.
This game is suitable for all subjects, including children, they can play this game to practice their ability to guess.
When you get a high score, you can compete with other players on the leaderboard.
You can play online or download it to play, when you play online you can share your results to your friends.
With simple gameplay but bring a lot of excitement to players, now this game has been loved by many people.

How to play Pirates of Islets

Pirates of Islets just use the mouse to help the captain jump over the islands. Aim and left click to let your character jump. You need to aim precisely so that the character does not fly out.

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