Band Of Heroes

Band Of Heroes

Band Of Heroes is an extremely interesting fighting game. You will experience the heroic battles with many objects. You are on the way to find treasures and your goal in this game is to destroy enemies to reach a safe destination.
You will have a map of many places you need to conquer. Each place corresponds to a level you must pass to unlock for the next level. There are many levels in this game, unlocking all levels to advance to the final treasure and completely capturing the treasure map.
Each level is each terrain with different enemies, you will appear with automatic guns, it will shoot bullets continuously towards the enemy and you just need to move it to the right target. Your enemies are constantly moving towards you, there are guys who only go in a straight line, when approaching you it can attack, there are those that can move to the sides, there are those with weapons. gas – it can fire bullets at you. When you get close to your destination, you’ll face laser beams, you need to take it down so it won’t hurt you. There are levels that there will be volcanic rains thrown down, when touching the ground they still leave deadly traps, touching you will lose blood.
When you pass the first level, you will have more characters to accompany, who will assist you in destroying enemies. If either of you dies, the other will continue the journey.
Enter the following levels to get more upgrades as well as support. This game is very addictive and a very entertaining game, sure to help you relieve fatigue and stress.

How to play Band Of Heroes

Band Of Heroes is controlled by moving the mouse, left clicking to use super powers. Or use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to use esper powers.

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