Don't Push the Button

Don’t Push the Button

Don’t Push the Button takes you to a game whose goal is to collect gold coins and press the button to expand the map to play outside. You will control a very active little character with very flexible movement, it can run very fast and combine high jump, helping this small character open the red buttons to expand the map.
First on the game will only be you with a red button – these are the keys for you to expand the map. As you approach the red button, you jump to activate it, the button will turn green and the map will expand. The expanded map means you will see gold coins placed around the map. You will move flexibly to collect those coins by jumping up and taking them. At the same time you also find a way to activate the red button potentiometer on the screen.
The red button on the larger map will make it more difficult. You need to combine skillful movement with high jump ability to reach the red button. When this red button is opened, the map will be expanded.
Just like that, the loop that opened the red button continued. But on larger maps you will encounter more difficulties, maybe there are deadly traps …
This game is not limited in time, you can play it anytime, but it requires your patience. Because when you do not help them to climb up, you will feel very frustrated and do not want to play anymore. But if you have experience, you will be very addicted to this game.
This is a game loved by many people because of its simple gameplay and the characters but the draw is also extremely simple.

How to play Don’t Push the Button

Don’t Push the Button is played through controls that are the arrow keys. Arrow keys left / right to left / right; Up arrow key to jump up.

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3.77/ 5    13 ratings

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