Road Of Fury: Desert Strike

Road Of Fury: Desert Strike

Road Of Fury: Desert Strike is a racing game that kills enemies in the vast desert. You are being hired as an important task for the president against the Horsemen gang to rule the wasteland and defeat the boss Duke Mo. At first you are not paid but you will be paid when destroying enemies. The more you destroy, the more money you will get.
The money you get when destroying enemies will be used to upgrade your weapons, be it buying a large gun barrel with an unlimited number of bullets to shoot bullets with stronger force, destroying enemies quickly than. It is possible to buy additional missile throwing features, at the same time you can throw many missiles with intense destructive power, but the number of missiles takes time to reload. It is also possible to build a new car with better features. The more money you make, the better weapons you’ll upgrade.
This is a race with no destination, no time limit, so you can comfortably kill the enemy. The farther you go, the more powerful enemies you’ll encounter, they have the ability to destroy you, be it riding a motorbike, maybe a heavy vehicle, maybe an airplane … they all have weapons. gas. When you are hit you will lose energy, the more you shoot you will run out of energy quickly, the purchase you buy upgrades will help your energy level full.
This extremely attractive game will help you kill time quickly, highly entertaining and without spending money.

How to play Road Of Fury: Desert Strike

Road Of Fury: Desert Strike is controlled very simply. The firing is automatic, you just need to move the mouse to adjust the direction of fire to the target. Use the mouse to purchase upgrades by left clicking the gear icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

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