Sift Heads Cartels

Sift Heads Cartels

Sift Heads Cartels is a very addictive action game. You are accused by gangsters, killed and turned like an accident. They kill you and put you in a car and run it into the sea. When you wake up, you’ve found yourself trapped in a car and in the water, you need to find a way to get out, get ashore, find out what’s going on in an action-and-kill adventure. they.
You will pass the scene, search for items that are useful to you, search for weapons that may be breaking into a car, grab the objects in it, grab a gun and go inside to shoot the enemies in it. Then take the necessary things, and keep going elsewhere to find the things you need.
Search for all the necessary things then find the answer to the conspiracy of your death. After that, force them to be forced to pay for their actions.
The game is a series of animated scenes that take place, each one happening when you do a number of operations. When you move around looking for items, if a double arrow appears, you will click to collect it. Each action has instructions for you, you just need to search and follow the instructions in it.
The game will bring you exciting experiences along with shudder scenes that you did not know before.
The game is completely free to play, you only need an internet connection and no need to care about any money related issues. You can play online or download to play this game.

How to play Sift Heads Cartels

Sift Heads Cartels is an extremely attractive action game, through the controls:
Mouse = Move / Interact
LMB = Shoot
W or S = Cover / Aim
A or D to move left or right
Q or E = Switch weapons
Spacebar = Reload
P = Pause
This game is sure to excite and bring lots of fun to you. If you like this game, you can recommend it to your friends to play, in addition to our website there are many other interesting games for you to explore.

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3.77/ 5    22 ratings

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