You are too tired of working or studying? You want to play a game to relax, but all the game you know are not as exciting as you want? You are waiting for a fighting game? You want to play a very exciting game? If your answers for these questions are yes, Superfighters game is all you are waiting for.

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About the game

    Superfighters game is a fighting game in which you play as a man. All you have to do in the game is to fight against your enemies. The mission of the whole parts of the game is, of course, to defeat your enemies by shooting, stabbing, mashing, smashing, burning and blowing other mini characters. Being a fighting game, you have to fight again and again throughout the game. When one team is defeated, another team will appear immediately to fight against you. The game continues in this way. It seems to have no ending. Your enemies continuously approach, so you have to time to have a break.

    Moreover, each team that you have to face up with has about three or four people, so you have to fight against them over and over. Just a second that you are not attentive, you may lose a life. The game doesn’t stop to wait for distraction.



    In the game, you can’t use your mouse. The game only enables you to use the keyboard, no matter what you want to do.
– Use the arrow keys to move. The right and left arrow keys can make your character run to the right or the left. Press the up arrow key when you want your character jump. Use the down arrow key to make him jump down or duck.
– Press space bar to select.
– Press ‘esc’ to go back.
– If you are in a melee, press ‘n’.
– Press ‘m’ to shoot by your weapons.
– Press ‘,’ to throw a grenade to the other characters.
– Press ‘.’ To use power up when you are in trouble.


    Now, are you ready to try it? Good luck!

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