Koan is a game that shows the process of enlightening a character’s journey to the teachings of a mysterious Zen master. To help him reach the highest realm, this Zen master took him on dangerous journeys through his subconscious and metaphorical landscapes.
Meditation is all best for him in this game. He wants to climb the mountain and become stronger, having to pass each stage in the game by using the whirlpools to reach the exit safely.
These eddy spheres allow you to place temporary platforms wherever you want by clicking the buttons during meditation and when they disappear after fading for a few seconds, the orbs can be retrieved. to try again.
The game’s slow pace and calming atmosphere does not encourage you to move fast. … well, for the most part, considering the timeless disappearance of the meditation foundations, this feels a bit contradictory to the story of the game.
The game will start with easy stages so you can learn and get used to the items that help you in the game, once you learn a lot, the levels become more complex. There will be spikes and keys, doors and double-sided locking switches.
Practicing games regularly will help you pass all the stages to reach the highest realm.
The game will bring you interesting experiences and help you have a good time relaxing.

How to play Koan game

Koan with a looic is quite simple but very interesting, controlled through the keys [WASD] or [arrow] you can move and jump (you will grab the edge of the platform that you are close enough)
Moving the cursor to the edge of the screen will scroll level and tap.
[S] will make you sit or rise from a meditative state.
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