Let The Bullets Fly 4

Let The Bullets Fly 4

Let The Bullets Fly 4 is the latest part of the Let The Bullets Fly shooting game. In this part, the game has been greatly improved in both interface and sound. This part still has many levels for you to overcome, each level has enemies standing in many different positions.
In this part there are more obstructions, you must rely on those objects to kill the enemy, if you shoot damage the item, it will not be able to kill the enemy. The higher the level, the more enemies you’ll have and the more obstacles you’ll have.
In this section, you still cannot move anywhere, with the gun provided, you are equipped with a gun with a certain number of bullets, you will calculate the route of the appropriate bullet to Destroy enemies, the required number of enemies of each level before using all the granted bullets. The bullets were fired with tremendous power, capable of moving for a long time, it hit the wall and bounced back. On the path of the bullet, it will kill the enemy if it touches, drops objects (box, heavy sphere, …) … continue moving until it is no longer moving. Transferred again, when it shoots at you you are not destroyed.
When using all the ammunition provided and still not kill all the enemies, you will fail and you can play this stage again.
You need to calculate carefully to use the number of bullets appropriately, destroy all opponents and win this game.

How to play Let The Bullets Fly 4

Let The Bullets Fly 4 is one of the interesting shooting games on our website, there is a very simple way to play is to use the mouse to adjust the movement and shoot: move the mouse to adjust the shooting direction of the Gun and left click to shoot.

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