Sift Heads Street Wars

Sift Heads Street Wars

Sift Heads Street Wars is a multiplayer online shooting game inspired by the streets of Chicago. You are given an important task, destroy all the killers who are present in the city to regain peace here.
You can explore the vast world, meet other players and fight to destroy them. You alone will participate in the battlefield, destroying all the enemies present in it. You are armed with guns with a large number of bullets, guns that can shoot very far. You both move and shoot enemies and find things that benefit you. Earn some cash along the way so you can buy some items, these weapons will help you be stronger. Buy high-end items like special guns, clothes, even swag characters to make yourself stand out.
There are many enemies in the city with dangerous weapons, they come and shoot you. They will come from all over, surround you and shoot you. They are in large numbers and everyone has a weapon that will shoot and hurt you gradually to death.
Destroy all the characters in it and go to the next level to perform new missions.
The game includes many stick stick characters combined with vivid sound, which will bring you extremely good relaxing moments.
This game is completely free, you can play anytime, play online or play offline.

How to play Sift Heads Street Wars

Sift Heads Street Wars is controlled through the following characters:
The keys W, A, S, D or the mouse to move around.
SHIFT to run.
E to interact with objects or talk with characters.
Mouse to aim and shoot.
SPACE to weapon holster.
1,2,3 keys to change weapon.
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