Sift Heads World

Sift Heads World

Sift Heads World is an extremely interesting shooting game that has been loved by many people. Your goal is to destroy all the characters in this game with given weapons.
You have the right to choose your favorite character, choose a weapon and participate in this game. Your characters are all very good at fighting, can be a very beautiful girl in a sexy red dress, can be a killer. Your weapons can be guns, or sharp weapons, they are all capable of causing high damage.
After choosing your character and weapons, you will participate in the battle.
You will use binoculars to identify targets, preview and scan information about them, see how many people are in that fight. You will then attack and destroy them one by one, using the weapons to kill them. You will fight against each enemy, shoot him to death before he defeated you. After defeating this enemy you will destroy the next enemy.
The weapons you use will have the ability to kill enemies from the first time, if you shoot them. If not you can still shoot again.
Destroy all enemies to the next game level, there are many levels to play, each level will have different scenes, along with more enemies.
This game is free to play, you can play online or download to your device whenever you want.
When playing online you can save your score in the rankings. You can share on social networks for everyone to play.

How to play Sift Heads World

Sift Heads World is controlled by very simple keys.
Left Click: Action / Shoot
Spacebar: Get your Weapon
(R): Reload your Weapon
(Q): Switch Quality.
This interesting game will bring you exciting entertainment moments. Apart from this interesting game you can also join other games at our website, our website has a lot of interesting games.

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4.33/ 5    12 ratings

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