Counter Terror

Counter Terror

Counter Terror is a gun battle game of a hero group member against terrorism, kill bad guys and rescue hostages.
You will be alone in the place where the terrorists are guarding, go through the floors and kill them by shooting at them. You can shoot bullets or drop mines. Terrorists are arranged at each segment one person, whether they can have guns or not. The farther you go, the stronger they are, the higher their fighting skills are.
You can play single or double, play in easy, medium, hard … Start the match, each of your actions will have specific instructions on how you move, how you shoot guns, how to How to kill terrorists easily. Easy mode for beginners of the game, you need to be familiar to master the control keys. Once you get used to the controls of the game, you can choose other modes to enhance your enjoyment. Or if you prefer not to play from easy mode, you can play any mode.
There are many levels in this game, each level is each different difficulty, the difficulty will increase with each level.
This game is completely free to play, you only need an internet connection, you can play anytime, anywhere with just one mobile device.
You can save your results on social networking sites or share with everyone, invite everyone to play.

How to play Counter Terror

Counter Terror is controlled by the following characters:
Single Mode:
Move: Arrow keys
Fire: X
Jump: Z
Play 1:
Move: W, A, D, S
Shoot: 5
Jump: 4
Use item: 6
Switch item: E
Play 2:
Move: Arrow keys
Shoot: 9
Jump: 8
Use item: 0
Switch item: P
You should use a combination of these characters to fight better and you need to practice regularly to master the skills.

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