Bomb's Away

Bomb’s Away

Bomb’s Away is a very simple cannon game but it helps you kill time very well. In this game your goal is to kill all the little animals that come towards you and score high scores. You have to stand still and can only adjust the firing power and angle of the cannon.
One cannon shot, capable of killing 2-3 enemies if you shoot in the right place. If you shoot continuously, the bullets will shoot very close, if you reach the high energy of the cannon, it will be fired far.
The enemy will come towards you in a vertical line, it keeps moving in tandem and growing longer and faster and faster, when approaching you it will attack to lose your energy. So you absolutely do not let them have the opportunity to approach.
This game has no limits, it only ends when you run out of energy.
Destroy as many enemies as you will score more points. Try to achieve the highest score to top this game. After finishing the game you can save your score.
You can share the game with your friends, and compete to see who will get a higher score.
The game is completely free to play, you can download it to play or play online if you want.
Play often to improve your fighting ability, from which you will kill more enemies and can top the rankings of achievement positions.

How to play Bomb’s Away

Bomb’s Away is played by controlling the mouse. Move the mouse to adjust the cannon angle. Hold down the left mouse button to increase cannon power and release to shoot. In addition to this game you can also play other games at our website. If you like this game, play often and share it with your friends. Wish you happy gaming.

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