Scribbland is a game of collecting coins and running to the finish line safely. You just need to move your character in a very simple operation, make it soar and move forward, collecting coins to increase your score.
The coins are arranged in dense positions in danger, by jumping up you will pick up these coins. Jump up to move and simultaneously pick up coins. You can only move forward without going backwards, this is a difficulty in the game.
In the game there are many terrains for you to cross, there are broken roads, when falling down, you will lose your life and start over.
In the beginning, you will have difficulty moving, just play for a while and you will get used to and understand the principle of movement of the character.
The game is completely interesting and the more you play, the more you will feel happy, the more you want to explore, so this game has been played by a lot of people.
You can play online or download to play anytime, anytime.
This game is not picky players, anyone can play this game, and especially it is very good for children. It helps children practice reflexes for the brain, and flexible reflexes for hands and eyes.

How to play Scribbland

Scribbland is a game with simple gameplay:
You just need to use the left mouse click to make the play character move. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to make the character jump higher and farther. When you know the character’s movement, you will have strategies to play better. Join this game to enjoy the fun and high entertainment it brings you. In addition to this game you can also participate in many other games at our website. Wish you have moments of fun gaming with friends and relatives.

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