G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3 is a long-distance running game based on the principle of gravity. Your character is constantly running forward and you need to control him to avoid the obstacles. Obstacles can be a box, can be a winding road, with deadly cog traps, … When you touch the deadly traps it can take your life and you will catch Back to the race.
On the track will appear light rays, when you run through it will be cloned in 2. These two objects also run forward together. As the game becomes more and more attractive, you need to control for both characters not to be stuck or fall out of the run or be sawed to death by the saw blade.
Gravity manipulation allows you to move from running on top or bottom without falling down. This next release comes with many new features and improvements not included in the previous version.
Challenging single player mode with 30 levels in 3 different worlds. The further the difficulty level increases, the discrete racing sections interspersed with many saws, obstructions, bends … And the movement speed of your character also increases.
Through simple controls, collect 12 secret orbs to unlock new characters.
Beat the highest score in endless mode.
You can play in 1 player mode or compete with up to 8 different friends on the same local computer.
This game is completely free to play, so you can play it anytime, no need to worry about the money to pay for it. Moreover, this game is suitable for all ages, regardless of gender, as long as you can play it.

How to play G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3 has very simple controls, just touch or left click to change the gravity of the character.
If playing multiple people, use: left mouse click, 3, A, C, B, M, Ctrl, left arrow key.

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4.1/ 5    48 ratings

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