Zombotron is one of the extremely attractive shooters. You will control a character to break into the enemy base, kill the guards and unlock the next level.
You are armed with a firearm with lots of bullets to break into enemy bases. There will be a lot of weapons along with the treasures being guarded very strictly. Destroy them through different positions, maybe an unarmed person but when you approach it, you will be controlled and destroyed. At other locations, enemies may have weapons such as bombs or guns, which move towards you to destroy you. To be safe, you need to keep a certain distance from them. Then you continue to move, destroy the remaining guys and collect money along with other weapons.
There are many types of weapons and armor, fearsome enemies, and huge explosions for incredible experiences.
The weapons you can collect will help you have more power, to survive longer and destroy more, complete tasks faster. There are many treasure boxes, come up and open them to get the treasure. Complete the set quests and reach the destination to unlock the next level.
There are many levels in this game, each with a different battle layout, along with different enemies. The next level will be more difficult and challenging than the previous level. Conquer this game by passing all the levels.
The regular practice will help you more agile and professional.
With beautiful images and smooth movement, this game will give users extremely dramatic and fascinating battles.

How to play Zombotron

Zombotron is controlled by: arrow keys to move.
Left click to fire.
E to unlock.
This game will bring you great entertainment value, in addition to this game, our website also offers many other interesting games so please join us.
Wish you have moments of fun gaming.

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4.14/ 5    35 ratings

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