Totality is an extremely simple adventure game but requires flexibility to play. The objective is that you control your character through undulating roads to get the lock and open the door for the next level.
Characters have the ability to move sideways and jump up. You will control your character to run ice forward, when encountered obstacles you will jump and continue to move. When approaching a lever, you will activate it to unlock the bridge. These bridges can be a stepping stone to help you move forward or may also prevent your movement.
The door only opens when you put the key close to the door, sometimes you don’t stand by the door, but you just need to push the key to the door and it will open.
All the faders help you a lot, to use them, you need a sharp mind. Each stage is a new challenge for you, you need to think carefully, if you go wrong you can play again and continue thinking.
This game will bring you the excitement of playing, when you think of a strategy to overcome each stage you will feel very interesting.
This game is completely free to play and unlimited players, any player of any age can play this game. Moreover, the game also helps us train our thinking, helping us always brainstorm to find a solution. But sometimes this game will also drive you crazy because you can’t find a way to open the door forever.
There are many doors that need you to open in this game, please be patient to open all the doors and conquer this interesting game.

How to play Totality  game

Totality only need to use the arrow keys to move the character, use the S key to open and close the lever and get or release the key.

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3.86/ 5    28 ratings

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