Germ War

Germ War

Germ War is a space conquest game, you will control your spaceship along with dangerous weapons to destroy all the bacteria along the way.
Each battle you only have a very short time to destroy them, destroy a child you will receive a sum of money, those that need a lot of time to destroy, it will bring you benefits. very big.
Collect DNA parts after clearing the Bacteria, then you will get money by automatically exchanging the DNA. You can upgrade weapons of warships. As you complete more missions, you’ll unlock and equip extra weapons that will help you increase your fighting ability.
The game is a multi-level system, the ability of bacteria to be stronger, the volume will become larger and the movement speed will be faster. Your spacecraft is constantly evolving as you upgrade and evolve continuously.
Win and participate in the various levels and mechanisms to unlock extra weapons are set, the type of attacks are more beautiful and can be fully screened.
A variety of props can be obtained randomly in the game, such as Call Assist, Double Firepower, Bonuses, …, the ever-changing game rhythm.
The game is free to play, so you don’t have to worry about how much you have to spend. You can play online or download to your device whenever you want.
The game is open to all audiences, children can also participate in these games without parents’ probation.

How to play Germ War

Germ War is played via mouse control, click data and move the mouse to help the aircraft move to the sides, up and down. Very interesting game with extremely simple gameplay will bring you moments of high entertainment. If you like this game, please recommend it to everyone who plays with and outside this game. You can participate in other games at our website.

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