Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D is an exciting action game taking place in the subway. You will control the hero character to destroy the enemy.
Each battle has many enemies destroy each other, scrambling to rank first. You will face many enemies, taking guns and rocket launchers to fight them. You will move around, look and shoot at the enemy, they can attack you from any direction, may be attacked from behind, so be very careful. You can move around in the subway, jumping up or down, looking for hiding places to not be hit by enemies. Score lots of points to upgrade your weapons. There are a lot of weapons arranged in many places on the subway, maybe guns with strong fighting ability, maybe rocket launchers … Just click the play button to start taking Join the battle, defeat the opponents and become the winner in this game.
Kill enemies to become the top of the rankings, and you can save your results on social networking sites or share with everyone, invite everyone to play.
The game has many levels for you to overcome it, join and enjoy.
Games with beautiful 3D graphics interface combined with vivid sound will give players a very vivid feeling.
This game is completely free to play, you only need an internet connection, you can play anytime, anywhere with just one mobile device.

How to play Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D is controlled by the following keys and characters:
A, W, S, D and arrow keys to move.
Space bar to jump
Left click to fire.
You practice a lot to improve the ability to fight. If you love this game, recommend it to everyone to play. In addition to this game you can also participate in other interesting games at our website. Wish you have moments of fun gaming.

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4.29/ 5    14 ratings

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